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Hosting FAQ’s

Business Presence Small Business Business Pro Business Premium
$35/ mo $240/ mo
or $350/ year or $2,400/ year
25gb Storage Unlimited
1 Website 10 Websites
25gb Bandw. Unlimited
25 Subdom. 100/ web
5 emails 100/ web
15 min/ mo Support Changes w/ 24 hrs Turnaround 60 min/ mo Support Changes w/ 3 hrs Turnaround
Ticket Web Support Advanced Web Support
Basic De-Hacking Advanced De-Hacking
+ Server Bells & Whistles + Server Bells & Whistles

*The time provided monthly for support changes isn't accumulative. The allocated time for "web changes support" for multiple websites are shared for all websites under the same plan. Web support changes include website changes such as images, phone numbers, titles, etc. Ticket web support means you submit a ticket for support. De-Hacking services are done for websites hosted with us & we treat this very seriously with immediate response from our development team. Basic De-hacking is submitted as a high priority ticket via web support.

Submit a ticket via www.mainteractive.com/login. We created our web hosting plans with our client's best interests at heart. The web support included with all of our web hosting plans grants you access to our web developers and creative team with a click of a button. Once you submit a ticket with your domain and situation, our on-call developers will get it instantly.

You can request changes to your website consisting of adding or updating images, telephone numbers, addresses, new employee information, etc. We are here to help you get the most out of your website!

Plus, our web developers are monitoring your website with real-time notifications. Should anything happen with your website, we will know about it before you do.

Ultra Fast Speed E-Commerce Capabilities Advanced Security Free SSL
Nightly Backups 99.95% Uptime Real Time Security Scanning Corproate Emails
C-Panel Access FTP Access De-Hack Services U.S Based Servers

Yes. Once the website is completed, you may keep it with us or transfer it to a different hosting provider. We will provide you with your C-Panel log-in so that your new hosting provider may conduct a website migration.

That being said, we will still need to activate a web hosting account initially while we work on your website. There are no fees for canceling, transferring, or minimum amount of days before being able to cancel our web hosting plans. To cancel your web hosting plan, simply submit a ticket and our team will make sure your plan deactivates at the end of the month so that you don't get charged again.

Once a web hosting plan has terminated, our developers won't have access to provide you with any web support. You would have to contact your new web hosting company for support.

We created our web hosting plans with our client's best interests at heart. All of our web hosting plans are no contract & pro-rated to the first of every month, similar to phone service.

We combined web hosting and web development into our plans that you can easily reach. Typically, other web hosting companies won't be able to make changes to your website and only manage server-level configurations and settings. What happens next? You would have to hire a web developer (like ours) and grant them access to your website and hosting provider so they may assist you. Depending on their workload, a simple website modification may take several days or even weeks and you will be charged for their labor. You would also be responsible for contacting your web hosting company if something goes wrong with your website server configurations. This, of course, is only after you've spotted or noticed the errors or malfunctioning items on your website.

Our web hosting & support plans provide you the highest level of support you can get! We handle server inquiries, web development, conduct nightly back-ups, 99.95% uptime, SSL, de-hacking services, and provide the highest level of security for your peace of mind! All for less than $1.60/ day. In simpler terms, we are your IT/ Web Support/ Creative department.

To submit a ticket, log-in to your account by visiting www.mainteractive.com/login/, navigate to support > submit a request. You can submit a ticket for web support, request website changes, or other billing/ account inquiries you may have.

To cancel an existing web hosting/ support account, submit a ticket requesting your account cancelation. There are no fees for canceling or transferring your website. Once a hosting account is canceled, it won't renew on the upcoming first of the month and the website will be removed.

Log in to your account by visiting www.mainteractive.com/login/. Once you're logged in, navigate to Billing > Edit Payment Method.

Domain FAQ’s

No. You can be as creative as you want and purchase any available domain. We recommend that you atleast have your business name as a domain.

If the domain name is not available, you may also try adding more keywords such as the name of your city, "llc", or hyphens within the domain name.

No. Your business does not need to be registered for you to have a website. Anyone can have a website published online, including e-commerce websites.

If the domain name you're attempting to get is not available, you may try adding more keywords such as the name of your city, "llc", or hyphens within the domain name. You may also try searching for ".net" instead of ".com".

You can get any domain name you want and be as creative as you want to be. For example, let's say we want our clients to type "Best Website Agency". In that case, we can get "bestwebsiteagency.com" as our domain name. You can get as many domain names as you want & direct them all to your website!

No. You can have as many domain names as you want and direct the traffic to the same website. A website is stored on a server and you can decide how many domains redirect users to your website.

A circumstance in which you may need a second website for a second domain name is if it's for a secondary business with its own set of services.

If you already have a domain name with another registrar such as GoDaddy, HostGator, etc. You can keep your domain with them and we'll provide you with our web hosting/ web support services.

You may also transfer your domain with us if you'd like. New domains and domain transfers are only $15/ year. You will be able to select whether you want to keep your domain elsewhere or would like to buy/ transfer your domain during the checkout screen.

Website FAQ’s

Yes. Our website prices are only a one-time payment for the work provided by our team. The total amount is divided into 3 or 4 equal payments while web development takes place. The available payment plan is weekly or biweekly, paid with a credit/ debit card via your account. You may also request to change the remaining installments to a monthly plan by submitting a ticket from your account once you've successfully made your first payment.

Absolutely! Once the website is finished & paid for, the website is completely yours to do as you wish. We built our company by providing value through our services. We are creative & passionate nerds who provide excellent customer service.

No. We focus on providing the best website design experience & we understand you need to have your website published once we're finished with our work.

The turnaround for the completion of your website varies by the website package you chose. The website package you sign up for is a legally binding contract between M.A Interactive and yourself & does not interfere with us delaying the website from going live. It's exciting to see our newest creation, your website, go live for the world to see and representing your business on the internet.

Investing in a professional website is similar to hiring the most hard-working employee your company will ever hire. This new "employee" will work 24/7, understand your business inside and out, and will forever deliver your sales pitch correctly. Additionally, this new "employee" can speak to multiple visitors at once and will always be awake & attentive promoting your services without getting tired. Your website will be working even while you're not working.

What amount would you pay an employee that will work this much and help you close more sales?

Your website is like an "employee" and part of your team, working hard alongside the rest of your employees. Here below are some quick tips that can help you take better care of your new employee.

  1. Look after your employee by giving them the attention they deserve. Pay them well & don't neglect their needs to perform better.
  2. Make sure your employee looks the part because first impressions count. Torn shoes and dirty clothes won't cut the deal, it must look presentable.
  3. Introduce your employee to the whole workforce and don't let them feel like an outsider, sitting on the sidelines. It needs to integrate with the rest of your business.
  4. Keep your employee informed about the latest services, news, sales scripts, and changes in your company so your employee can be focused & prepared.
  5. Give your employee mobility so it can work harder for your business. Give them a company car & business cards so they can get out into the world and sell for you!

Absolutely! The deposit is also the first payment and deducted from the website design total. There are no additional deposits or fees charged. The remaining balance will be processed according to the payment plan you choose during checkout.

Other FAQ’s

*Google Maps & Apple Maps are only activated for businesses with a retail/ storefront location. Google My Business listings do not require a storefront or commercial address. *Custom web functions are any additional website functions that you would like for us to incorporate into your website. Some of our packages allow for several web functions your project may require. Custom web functions include store locators, interactive maps, member-only & membership functions, payment forms, recurring payment forms, MLS IDX integrations, or other custom web functions you need. If the website package you chose allows for a custom website function, describe what you’d like for our team to integrate.