Our new logo design was changed so that the initials “MA” represent our company name, Multimedia Arts Interactive, LLC. We updated the logo with rounded corners and decided to simplify the design yet further by using only one color and changing the font. Our color code (hex code) is #0099FF but we wanted a logo that will look great in any color!

Our Logo History Starts in 2006

Our first logo was designed in 2006. Our logo started with a round beveled logo consisting of dark blue, black, and white colors. The font that was utilized was “Old English” and the wording read “M.A Gamez”.

Our logo and company name started as “M.A Gamez” because everything started with the development of small games made in Power-Point between 2006 and 2007. In 2008, the few computer games were then re-created in Macromedia Flash (now as of 2020 known as Adobe Animate CC) so they could be exported as stand-alone games that were burnt on discs and uploaded to our website for kids to play.


In 2011, we started to learn the programming language Objective-C to develop our previous games in Xcode. We then submitted our mobile app games to Apple for approval, and they said yes! Our games were now available on the App Store! At this point, we changed our logo to a more modern circular logo with more colors, inspired by the E.A Games logo. We had this version of our logo on the loading screen of all of our iPhone apps. 


As we created our first website to host our games, people started requesting M.A Gamez to develop websites for their businesses. All it took was one website design before many more clients were requesting a website design service from M.A Gamez. As we switched our focus towards our website design services, we stopped updating our mobile app games and by 2014, we removed all of our mobile apps from the App-Store. There are so many things we learned throughout our mobile app development journey that I can share in another blog post.


Our logo then changed from M.A Gamez to M.A Multimedia so that it could reflect the type of services we were providing. At this point, the company was registered as a limited liability company.



Our 2020 logo design maintains the shape and form that can be seen throughout our logo history. It symbolizes the transition of where we started. The 3 line bars representing the letters “E” in “interactive” represent the mobile menu button that is used on mobile websites. The letters “A” and “V” are the same figure, but rotated 180 degrees so that it represents up and down arrows. These up and down arrows represent the navigation arrows that are used on websites for scrolling up or scrolling down. The word interactive describes the type of work we do. We love what we do & we believe in having a logo design that shows it in every way. 


If you’re looking to create a logo design for your business, keep an eye out for the following logo design tips.

  • Your logo design should be consistent with your brand.
  • Your logo design colors should be used in a planned way.
  • Pick fonts carefully for your logo design.
  • Keep it simple when obtaining a logo design.
  • Your logo design should be impressive in a black and white version.

Need a logo design service?

We have helped many business owners all around North Texas, as well as other states in the United States, with our professional logo design services. Our logo design services are great for new start-ups or current businesses who need a logo re-design. M.A Interactive is a Dallas creative agency providing professional logo design, web design, and other graphic design services.

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