10-8 Realty


10-8 Realty.

Web | Graphic | Logo Design | Social

 The Task.

To provide users with an online site that contains everything there is to know to buy a house while at the same time establish trust and credibility between the realty company and the client.

 The Plan.

We linked the website to a real-time updated MLS site that allows users to search for houses on the market. We also added contact forms, photos of the realtors, and informative pages regarding FHA & Conventional loans with an online mortgage calculator.

Logo Design.

M.A Interactive was tasked with designing a formal & professional logo design that expressed seriousness. Because the realty company specializes in providing VA loans & grant programs for various professions such as first responders, doctors, and teachers, we wanted to show it via the logo design itself.

Website Design.

The website design includes the company’s colors and logo style. To build trust with potential prospects looking to buy homes, we added informative pages and personal bios of the realtors. We implemented a back-end for the realtors to add house listings on the website and we named it R-Panel. All realtors working for 10-8 Realty would have access to their R-Panel account where they can each upload their house listings.

House Listings Backend.

Realtors may upload as many house listings as they want along with pictures and house information. Not only does 10-8 Realty assist homebuyers but they also help homeowners wanting to sell their homes. We named the house listings backend system “R-Panel”.

Mobile Responsive.

Mobile Responsive.

A lot of people surf the web on their mobile phones. Every website we develop is responsive & optimized for mobile devices. Because we know there will be traffic from mobile users, we focus on which buttons visitors need to see first and implement the use of icons for an improved website appearance.

Every web page is mobile optimized including the back-end R-Panel used by realtors to upload house listings.

The Summary.

A Word From 10-8 Realty.

“Miguel and his team were amazing!! I told him my ideas and what I wanted, and he went above and beyond! He had ideas way bigger than mine, he added things I didn’t ask for, he incorporated new ideas and was very easy to work with! Every suggestion I made he came back with a version more improved than I ever expected! I can’t recommend this company enough! Even once finished, they included videos explaining how to use all the sites. WOW!!!”

Tricha Wheeler
10-8 Realty

The End Result.

M.A Interactive designed a fully functional website suitable for a realtor/ broker company. We created custom emails with the company’s domain, created and connected the social media platforms to the website to add a personal touch, and incorporated the ability for the realtors to add houses for sale within their own website.

We continue to work together as their creative company for website maintenance and being their web support team as their company grows.