Blends Lounge

Blends Lounge.

Web | Graphic | Logo Design | Social

The Task.

To design a professional and simple logo and website that can let people know what Blends Lounge is about. It’s a place where you can eat, enjoy daiquiris and hookah, all while being able to dance and enjoy time with your friends.

The Plan.

We developed various logo design concepts and worked on a website design that could set the mood for a visit to Blends Lounge. The website development was coded with HTML while implementing parallax backgrounds, sliders, and highly relevant keywords for SEO.

Logo Design.

We introduced a logo design concept with multiple background variations.

Web Design.

We designed & developed a website that truly spoke what Blends Lounge is all about. We included the food menu, the amenities, online employment application; and connected the website to their online ordering platforms.


Online Job Application.

We implemented a digital job application form on the website. Once the form is submitted, it is sent to the appropriate contact responsible for recruiting new personnel. This allows for an easier recruiting process and more organization. The form is also mobile-optimized so that users don’t have to be on a desktop to apply.

Social Media Design.

Social Media Design.

We designed the artwork for the social media accounts of Blends Lounge promoting their grand opening.

The Summary.

A Word From Blends.

“M.A. Multimedia took care of my website business needs like a pro! We were in constant contact with one another throughout the process and they delivered a design that was unique, creative, and organized. Give them a call! You will be taken care!”

Blends Daiquiri Lounge

The End Result.

The website design had a good impact on users! Our client and their customers provided great feedback on the website. People are applying for jobs via the website employment form, thus making the process easier involving less paper. M.A Interactive remains the trusted web support and creative partner for new website updates & modifications.