Blue Luna Tequila

Blue Luna Tequila.

Graphic | Logo | Branding

The Objective.

We were responsible for designing the new logo and packaging design for Blue Luna Tequila, a new brand of Tequila that would be manufactured & exported from Mexico.

The Plan.

We explored different types of tequila bottles, packaging & the history behind the major Tequila brands. The plan was to design a smooth and elegant logo design & bottle design that promotes a high end Tequila beverage.

Looks Great in Any Color.

The End Result.

Our client loved the logo and bottle design we produced. Although the overall result had exceeded expectations, our client decided it would be best for our team to focus our attention on a different Tequila concept they have in mind. This was due to an existent Tequila beverage that is currently on the USA market with a similar name to this concept.

We remain the trusted creative and graphic design company for designing their new tequila brand. We have been working with this client on a new project which we can’t disclose yet.