Dynamite Energy Drink

Dynamite Energy Drink.

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The Objective.

To engage consumers, Dynamite Energy Drink needed a brand new can design, logo design, website design, and online sales infrastructure for their North America & South America product expansion. The new design would then be used for all future production of Dynamite Energy Drinks worldwide.

The Plan.

We developed a new website design and e-commerce store to introduce the new Dynamite Energy Drink’s products. We also designed a wide variety of social media posts to engage followers. The photography and graphic design implemented consisted of showing how consumers use the product for regular day-to-day activities and not specifically for extreme sports.

Redesigning the Dynamite Brand.


Redesigning the can

The purpose of having the black bands on the upper and lower parts of the can is  to provide a familiar design resemblance to a dynamite stick which helps with brand awareness and differentiating Dynamite Energy Drink from other energy drinks on the market.

We also focused on the following elements for all their marketing and graphic design artwork.

 More Energy

 Less Sugar

  No Jitters


Redesigning the logo

Dynamite Energy Drink is a worldwide brand, therefore the logo design process consisted of many sketches, trials, and redos. We needed to design the burst that was subtle, simple, and bold, all at the same time.

This new logo is now the new face of Dynamite Energy Drink as it can be seen throughout the new product cans, website pages, and marketing collateral.

Marketing Design.

Marketing Design for Professional Boxer Sponsorship – Aired on Showtime Boxing.

Dynamite Energy Drink sponsored Regis Prograis, an American professional boxer who retained the NABF light welterweight title in his match vs Joel Diaz Jr.

We were responsible for the graphic design promoting the boxing event on behalf of Dynamite Energy Drink for various marketing outlets including billboards, print, and web.

Our boxer ended up winning the fight by KO on the second round. To watch the fight, click here.

The Dynamite Truck Wrap Design Process

We created multiple designs for the Dynamite Energy Drink distribution fleet. The result was a bright color truck wrap design that showcases the new energy drink along with the “more energy, less sugar, and no jitters” messaging.

#Social Media.

We were responsible for designing the creative social media posts to reveal the new can design for all the Dynamiters and energy drink consumers.


Website Versions.

A Complete Website Redesign

Dynamite Energy Drink initially had a website but it did not reflect the brand or product. Originally, the Dynamite website simply displayed partying and sports content without focusing too much on the product. We completely redesigned the website and created 2 versions which consisted of showcasing the product multiple times throughout the homepage.

The Final Web Design

We designed both versions of the website shown above. In the second revision, we removed the motorbike banner image and focused more on the consumer and what the product will do for consumers. The messaging is all about “Get more out of life”, “Dominate with Dynamite”, and “More Energy, Less Sugar, No Jitters”. We also created a brand new e-commerce website to allow users to order Dynamite Energy Drink online.

Website Design.

Website Pages, E-Commerce, & Store Locator

A Word from Dynamite Energy Drink

“M.A Interactive is an asset to the Dynamite Energy Drink brand. Miguel Araujo and his team worked very hard, creatively, and efficiently in all aspects of the creative work Dynamite needed. Our team and M.A Interactive were in constant contact throughout our brand, logo, and website redesign for our North-America, South-America, and Middle East product launch. I am very thankful for all the hard work Miguel and his team have put-in and are currently working together on more projects for Dynamite Energy Drink.”

Nino Rabba
CEO & President
Dynamite Energy Drink

The End Result

Dynamite Energy Drink opened an entirely new online sales infrastructure via their new website with capabilities to sell their drinks, apparel, and other merchandise. The brand new website also properly reflects the company’s new brand.

M.A Interactive remains Dynamite Energy Drink’s trusted creative and development partner in managing the website, developing new projects, and providing support for its staff.