Elotes Fanny

Elotes Fanny.

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 The Objective.

We were hired to develop a new website design that represented the company’s brand and message. The objective is to let users know who Elotes Fanny is and how Elotes Fanny differentiates from competitors.

 The Plan.

We designed a website with various bright colors that represent Elotes Fanny in addition to its brand colors green and yellow. To advertise how amazing and tasty their product is, we implemented photography, social media campaigns, commercial ads, graphic design, more photoshoots, and marketing strategies for the growth of the company.

Print Design.

M.A Interactive was responsible for the graphic design of a wide range of printing materials to promote membership specials, company information, and for branding purposes.

Website Design.

We developed a custom website containing professional photography of the food, bright colors, and general information of the company to inform viewers about Elotes Fanny. We also surveyed consumers who purchase Elotes Fanny’s products and learned how the majority of people tend to associate the food with outdoor activities. That is why we decided to implement the picnic and wooden style on the website design.

#Social Media.

M.A Interactive was responsible for the graphic design of social media accounts. We promoted new products, new locations, company information, holiday events, special events, and more.

Print + Marketing

Gift Card Design

We worked with Elotes Fanny in developing a gift card service program to increase sales. The idea was to have a card that can be exchanged for a small corn-in-cup food item to provide the customer with a “trial” or “taste” of what Elotes Fanny had to offer. It also meant “We’re very positive you’re going to love our product that we’re willing to give you a free small cup of our corn.”

The overall result? We designed a beautiful gift card that represents the brand of Elotes Fanny that makes clients want to redeem it and feel special as the VIP that they are.

Time For Video!

Dallas Morning News.

Elotes Fanny was interviewed by The Dallas Morning News with the purpose of “How to make elote – the authentic way”. We added this video on the website of Elotes Fanny so that viewers can identify Elotes Fanny for its authentic Elotes.

Delivery Partners Ad.

We made a video ad for Elotes Fanny in which we promote the delivery partner accounts to encourage people to place online orders via Uber Eats, Doordash, and Grubhub. The video ad was then placed on Facebook, YouTube, and on the website for viewers to see.

3-D Design & Rendering

Food Trailers

We designed the food truck/ trailer concept for Elotes Fanny and they are currently operating in various locations throughout Austin, Texas. The placement and colors of the vehicle wrap help viewers identify the brand.

Brick & Mortar

Our team at M.A Interactive designed the interior concept and brainstormed with Elotes Fanny as to which colors to use, how will the digital menus look like? where will clients place their orders? where will the menus be placed? and most importantly, how can we implement the Elotes Fanny brand guidelines into a brick and mortar location?

We utilized the blueprints provided by the architect working with Elotes Fanny and we developed a 3D rendering of the interior concept.

A Word From Elotes Fanny.

“We have been working with M.A Interactive for years now and am pleased to say that our company would not be where it is today without the help of this creative team. They understand our vision and it shows it on the work they provide. Elotes Fanny is proud to be working with such a talented company. We have recommended M.A Interactive countless times to other businesses that ask us who designs our content.”

Elotes Fanny

The End Result.

M.A Interactive designed various aspects of the company’s branding materials for the release of their newest products and multimedia innovation.

We continue to work together on newer projects that take their company forward and remain the trusted web/ graphic design & creative partner since 2016. We are responsible for their location menu designs both print and digital, professional product photography, 3-D mockups of new locations, and marketing strategies for the growth of the company.