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Fowl Language.

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The Task.

To create a brand new identity for Fowl Language and a stronger online presence to increase sales. To implement newer trends and update their existing website to help with conversion.

The Plan.

We redesigned the packaging for their Fried Chicken Seasoning Blend and the packaging for their brand new Seafood Breading Mix product. The website was heavily-modified with new tactics that will increase brand awareness and convert more traffic into paying customers.

Packaging Design.

We created a brand new packaging design for their Seafood Breading Mix. We also redesigned their existing Fried Chicken Seasoning Blend with a more colorful, vibrant, & memorable design. We made a design that would help consumers identify the Fowl Language brand!


Web Design.

The initial website Fowl Language had was heavily modified so that we could implement website changes that provide a better experience for the users. We took the photography of their product and added the pictures throughout the website. We also re-designed the e-commerce checkout experience to improve the conversion rate.

Social Media.


Social Media.

We were responsible for creating eye-catching content for social media platforms. The graphic designs included the product, the type of food you can make with the product, and people enjoying the product.


Email Campaigns.

We integrated an automated Email campaign for new customers and introduced an email subscription users may opt-in via the website. The email campaigns are used to send out coupons, new product notifications, and more!

The Summary.

A Word From Fowl Language.

“Miguel Araujo of M.A. Interactive has been a tremendous asset to our business from day one! M.A. Interactive worked on a re-design of our website and implemented new features. The website was vibrant and the details were incredible. Miguel has continued to provide timely and professional services that include website re-design, graphic design for our custom bags, social media and marketing. We have enjoyed working with him over the years and he has helped our business grow by leaps and bounds. We highly recommend him for all your website related needs.”

Tony and Porschea Woods
Fowl Language LLC

The End Result.

Fowl Language received positive feedback from their customers on the packaging redesign of their product. The Fowl Language website had an increase in traffic and conversions since the website redesign and they have now shipped from coast to coast within the United States! M.A Interactive remains the trusted creative and web development partner of the Fowl Language Seasoning Company.