User Interface Design

User Interface Design.

Obtain an engaging and attractive visual layout for your website.

What We Do For Our Clients.

We specialize in graphic and website design. Our team strategically designs the user interface of each website we work on based on the objective of the website and the client’s business industry. There are website elements such as a search bar and “add to cart” button that may be essential for some projects while other clients solely want their website for showcasing their work, in which case we would use the implementation of video and photo galleries.

The website design process includes the user interface design on paper. We literally draw the website layout on paper and write down what our client’s website visitors will most likely want to see upon loading the website. We brainstorm questions such as, What problems do they need solved? How may they be feeling upon visiting the website? What is most important for them at that very moment? What might they want to click on first? and, how do we optimize the website user interface for optimal results?

User Interface Design For Mobile Optimized Websites.

All of our website design projects are responsive, which means they are optimized for tablets & mobile devices. Just because a website is responsive, does not necessarily mean that the user interface for the mobile version of the website is optimal. There’s even various websites to this date that aren’t responsive, which as a result causes traffic to leave and lowers the website’s ranking in search engines.

We take a different approach for the user interface design of a mobile website. Mobile websites tend to have more icons and functional buttons such as a “call now” button that is only visible when the website is viewed from a mobile device. Have you noticed that most websites have a 3 bars icon that reveals the menu? This is done so that you only access the information you need when you need it, thus saving both space and time.

Our team brainstorms together for creating the most effective user interface design for your website based on your business industry, users, and objective.

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