The Motive Behind Our Website Redesign

Our team has been developing the M.A Interactive website redesign for over a year! Just like many other creative companies, we’ve been very busy with other client’s website projects that we’ve been failing to update ours. There were so many projects, testimonials, and services that we had not placed on our website for quite some time. Our new 2020 website redesign includes many notable projects that we’ve worked on. Even though we couldn’t add every project, our new website redesign is a small representation of what we’ve accomplished throughout the years.

We wanted to ensure through our website, clients are able to learn more about our services, see the work we’ve done for other clients, and learn more about how we can help them fulfill their creative needs. In order to accomplish this, we developed a custom portfolio page that contains all types of projects ranging from different types of industries. This website is a one-stop for creative ideas where business owners may get inspired and learn more about the web technology world.

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat.” – Steve Jobs

The Before and After

The Website User Interface

The U/I (User Interface) design of a website is by far one of the most important elements when it comes to website design. People visiting your website need to be able to easily navigate through your website without getting lost or confused as to what your company offers. The user interface of a website revolves more around the layout and the placement of certain buttons and content that people can easily navigate through and find their way around while visiting your website.

We conducted a small survey of our current clients and noticed that many of our clients would click on the orange “Login” button located near the top of our previous website. This meant that for our 2020 website redesign, we must procure to keep a login button visible at all times for clients to access. Because our clients are business owners, the login button facilitated the task of retrieving invoice receipts for tax purposes among other features.

When thinking about your website design, think about the problem your customers are having and what solution it is you’re helping them solve. Also, consider the data and information your clients would like to reach first. This will help you identify which buttons should be emphasized and placed in strategic locations on your website. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they might want to see first upon visiting your website.

Self Check-Out

We made it easier for clients to be able to purchase an agency-quality website design service without ever needing to leave their home or office. To provide the best user experience for a self check-out functionality, we created an intake form to obtain the necessary information and content that our developers need to start their website design project. We also had to make sure the payment process was easy and practical.

For those clients who prefer to meet in person, we created our appointments page where clients can book an appointment with our business specialist. The booking process makes it easy to select the topic you would like to meet for, choose an available date and time slot, and submitting payment for the appointment reservation. This type of function may also be implemented on websites of lawyers, doctors, salons, financial advisors, or other paid services that may require appointments. If you need a booking system for your website, let us know and our team can help you with that.

Our Blog Page

There are various reasons why we created our blog page besides SEO. We plan to publish helpful articles that our clients may find useful regarding website design, graphic design, marketing, and other multimedia services that we provide. We also plan to publish articles about accomplishments, improvements, and milestones that we have achieved thanks to all the clients that trust us for their creative projects.

Each blog post will have tags and categories that best define what the article is about to be filtered via the search functionality our website offers. Our clients will also be able to learn more about us and what we have done throughout the years by simply visiting our blog page!

To Summarize

Our new website design provides information about our services, resources via our blog page, and greatly improved the checkout experience for clients needing to hire a professional website design company.

The U/I was well thought of with the client in mind for a friendlier user experience. Whether clients want to proceed with their project or make an appointment, our website takes care of it all. Our team worked very hard to redesign our website.

A professional website is not “just a website”. It’s not something that should be finished overnight or taken lightly. Doing so may cost you more than investing in a professionally built and properly designed website. Agency professionally built websites focus on design psychology, development, research, U/I, web technology, and functions. A website design should be professional and look apart so that it makes your business stand out. We hope you enjoy it and like it as much as we do! If you have an idea that we should implement into our website, send us a message!

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